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QUIZ: Can you name the hardcore and death metal bands based on their antonyms?

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Board No Planes
All That's Gone
As You Stand Living
Answering Alex
Around The Dug Up And You
The White Rose Resurrection
Curse The Stand
Killed Of Isis
Charlie Frown
Adults Of Trash
A Night To Forget
The God Strips Gucci
Prof. Acula
The Rise Of Greece
For None Of Those Awake
To Last From First
Light Light High High
You Suppress Peace
Adult Savior
Relaxation For A Cowgirl
Sheep Of Satan
Hate Love Villian
Motion In Black
Your Parents Your Groom
The Letter L Doesn't Resemble Me
Of Rats And Woman
Driveway Park
Accept The Villian
Ocean Drinks Boat
Joy Is You
The Number Dead

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