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Can you name the 5 letter words Seinfeld references in this Word Ladder?

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In 'The Bubble Boy', an answer misspelled on a Trivial Pursuit card
Ganster slang for a group of idiots
Plural of a Robin Williams alien title character
In 'The Pledge Drive', people are seen eating chocolate bars with these
A group of strongholds
The amount of money on Jerry's bounced cheque
Jerry's father
Jerry's dry-cleaner's name
Episode title: 'The Dinner _____'
Alternative episode title for when Jerry failed at dirty-talking: 'The _____ Remark'
Kramer quote: 'Ruining the very _____ I was about to return'
Hunger pains
Plural of an orange drink that George drank in the Hamptons
South American ballroom dance
Fruit which made George exclaim 'I think it moved'
Animated film starring Johnny Depp as a lizard
Drummer for The Beatles
Elaine put on an Australian accent and told a woman that this 'ate your baby'
With 'Ring', cream-filled cakes that George wanted to bring to a dinner party, along with Pepsi
What Jerry does in Monk's café
Jerry quote: 'You're eating onions, you're spotting ____, I don't know what's going on!'
Citrus fruits that go with lemons
Slang for a British person
Nickname of Scottish comedian Brian Limond
Health-club member who refers to himself in the third person
George's girlfriend's brother who confronts him on the 'double dip|
Micky Abbott's love interest in 'The Stand In'
Body part which says 'Hellooooo'
Type of candy, like Jujyfruits
1997 film directed by Harmony Korine
A 'hardy' soup perhaps served by The Soup Nazi
George's pretentious girlfriend speaks of 'Popenjays and _____ jumbos'
Elaine's boyfriend Tony is described as one

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