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Forced Order
There are male as well as female novelists!!
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Famous WorksAnswerLife Span
Don Quixote1547-1616
Robinson Crusoe1661-1731
Tale of Two Cities and Oliver twist1812-1870
Gulliver's Travels1667-1745
The Count of Monte Cristo1802-1870
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland1832-1898
War and Peace1828-1910
Daniel Deronda1819-1880
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn1835-1910
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Treasure Island1850-1894
The Picture of Dorian Gray1854-1900
Famous WorksAnswerLife Span
Mrs Dalloway1882-1941
Men Without Women1899-1961
As I Lay Dying1897-1962
The Lord of the Rings1892-1973
Pilgrim's Progress1628-1688
The Portrait of a Lady1843-1916
The Call of the Wild1876-1916
Malone Dies1906-1989
The Jungle Book1865-1936
Lord of the Flies1911-1993
To Kill A Mockingbird 1926-

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