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QuestionsAnswersYour last hope to survival
What is the deepest part(trench) in the ocean?Its in the Pacific Ocean.
Second Tallest Mountain?Mount Godwin-Austin.
Most Populated country?In Asia.
Smallest country?The pope is crowned here.
Tallest Building in the world?In Dubai.
What is the shape of the earth?For fun.
Closest natural satellite?Its not in the world.
Where is the 2016 olympics taking place?Same place 2014 Football worldcup
Largest Desert?Name of a famous cloth company
A country still divided by war.Far east
QuestionsAnswersYour last hope to survival
Is platypus a mammal,fish or bird?Remember your class 8th books
The 2 largest countries in AfricaU wished you knew. Acronym is fine for the second
The only animal with 4 knees.Its big and dangerous.
Capital of Brazil?Its not what everyone thought it was
Where is the largest volcano?Name is Mauna loa
Tallest Tree in the world?Sorry if spellings are different
King of Pop.Died June 25th 2009
Largest Rain ForestAlmost 1/3 of it is in brazil
How much longer was WW2 than WW1?In Years(letters only)
Where is the Greenwich Meridian?Name of the City only.

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