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Number of Countries in the worldIncludes Taiwan and Kosovo and not any territory
How many wonders are there of the ancient world?In numbers not letters
Most Populous CityCountry is China
New name of Tanganyika and islands of ZanzibarThey united to become one single country
Current Communist Countries(in alphabetical order)Countries are 5 in total
Territories under Jurisdiction of New Zealand(in alphabetical order)3 in total
Where in the world is a whole country a Desert?Its in Africa and has less than 1 square mile farmland
Best country in the WorldIts in Europe
Country with Highest Life ExpentancyIt is = 89.68 years
Country with Lowest Life ExpentancyIt is = 48.69 years
HintAnswerExtra Info
Most vulnerable countryIt is = Somalia
Most Poorest CountryIts in Africa and has a country with almost the same name
Population of the WorldIts in numbers. 68239575__ (2 more numbers needed)
King of Saudi ArabiaWrite king in front of name.
How many countries are members of UNIts near to the total # of countries
Most Corrupt countryIn Africa
Least Corrupt countryIn Europe
What does Japan call itself?Its not in English
Only Muslim nuclear powerIn asia
First industrialized nation after the industrial revolutionIndustrial revolution started in 1760

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