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What was written on the tower in Somalia?A passage from the Quran; Number of the beast
Who is the general of Jericho?Portrayed by James Remar
How old was Simon Campos when he designed the specialized pulsed laser?Designed in 1992
What poker hand does Lloyd Simcoe beat Simon Campos with?Simon Campos had four kings
Al Gough is responsible for whose death?In his flashforward, she dies after life support is removed
Who is responsible for the previous answer's death?An MI-6 agent
What makes an individual immune to flash forwards?It's a ring with an alpha symbol
Who is suspect zero?Native of Toronto
What excuse does Simon use to cover up murdering Flosso?Flosso has Emphysema
Who receives a call that Mark Benford is dead?Charlie sees him in her flash forward
When was Demetri Noh's scheduled day of death?Dyson Frost died on this day instead
What character is tattooed on Keiko's left wrist?Nicole completes the character in Bryce's sketchpad
Which college did Olivia originally plan on attending?She was supposed to be Lloyd Simcoe's next door neighbor
What colored chess piece was found at the Pidgeon, Utah?the Lady
What game was the test to gain entrance into the Blue Hand Club?Al Gough played the game
What was the time of the second flash forward?12 minutes after the time that everyone saw in their first flash forward.

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