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Can you name the Marvel Supervillains from their Super Powers?

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Super PowersSuper VillainNemesis
Ability to manipulate magnetism, ability to control electromagnetic energy
Ability to manipulate cosmic energy, can restructure matter, able to teleport across the galaxy, ability to generate force fields, must feed on cosmic energy to survive
Ability to shapeshift into any being, mimicking their abilities, fingerprints, and voices
When he gains momentum, he is invulnerable, super strong, and can destroy anything in his path
Superhuman strength, can generate webs
Serum makes flesh malleable, which makes him able to change his appearance, wears special clothes that can change its appearance
Expert marksman with almost any object, adamantium laced bones, hand to hand expert
Superhuman strength, tail can be used to propel him into the air or to be used as a weapon, tail can also squirt poison
Superhuman strength and endurance, weaponry includes Pumpkin bombs and goblin glider
Weapon genius, heightened senses, can cause earthquakes
Superhuman strength and durability, ability to absorb bullets and artillery shells because of his fat, and when stopped, no one can move him
Ability to turn body into sand-like objects, so he can slip through any attack, or turn his body into an extremely hard substance
Can alter his atomic structure, can increase size, superhuman strength, stamina, and durability
Super PowersSuper VillainNemesis
Superhuman strength, able to leap two miles, skin can deflect bullets
Ability to use metal arms on his back, which can lift 3 tons
Ability to store. release, and manipulate electricity, can fire electric bolts
Can separate his spirit from his body, where he is under no restrictions, ability to mentally control others, can hurl bolts of magical energy
Superhuman strength, jet propulsion in feet make the ability to fly, ability to fire lasers and electron beams
Has Magneto's magnetic abilities and Xavier's mental abilities, telekenisis and can see into the future
Harness causes the ability to fly, makes him stronger and faster
Drains blood from others by biting them, and can control their wills, superhuman strength, immortality, ability to transform into a bat, wolf, or mist, Can mesmerize other vampires
Criminal boss, and expert combatant, big body made up of mostly muscle
Healing factor makes him nearly invulnerable, enhanced strength and senses, and sharp fingernails that act as claws
Ability to control others through hypnotism, can input memories and change the personality of the victim
Scientific genius, armor increases his strength and contains advanced weaponry (in the movie, he had electrical powers caused by a supernova

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