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Can you name the Marvel Superheroes from their Super Powers?

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Super powersSuperhero
Ability to use 'hellfire' , ability to use penance stare
Can turn herself and others invisible, can generate force fields
Ability to charge objects with energy, which explode on impact
Superhuman strength, invulnerability, magical abilities, wields a magic hammer that can create portals
Expert archer, uses special bows and arrows, acrobatic skills
Ability to project beams of energy from his eyes, however, he cannot control this ability,
Ability to absorb memories, knowledge, and abilities from another person through human contact
Martial arts master, can focus chi into superhuman energy in his hands, giving them superhuman strength
Superhuman strength, agility, durabilty, and enhanced senses, including night vision, can recover faster than normal people, genius level IQ
Feathered wings, health regeneration
Health regeneration, one foot bone/adamantium claws that retract from his hands
Superhuman senses due to his blindness, can detect contours of the environment, acrobatic expertise
Can freeze water vapor in the air, can make shapes out of ice
Strength relies on moon, wields an ivory boomerang, a golden ankh, and scarab throwing darts
Ability to phase through solid objects
Superhuman strength, telepathic and telekinetic, expert marksman
Super powersSuperhero
Ability to create energy and then release it, causing a powerful burst, which can propel him forward, where he becomes invincible
Ability to manipulate weather, can create winds, can control temperatures
Superhuman strength, strength fueled by anger, health regeneration
Ability to teleport himself and others
Superhuman strength and imperviousness to harm due to nega-bands, ability to fly
Super strength, stamina, and durability, can breate underwater, see in the ocean, communicate and dubilicate abilities of marine animals, swim up to 60mph
Master of magic, uses magic paraphernalia
Health regeneration, skilled in many unarmed and weapon techniques, master swordsman and assassin, great marksman
Telepathy and telekinesis, at one time could turn into a fiery bird
Psionic and telepathic abilities, including mind reading, leads the X-men
Scientific genius, can stretch, shape, compress, and expand his body
Superhuman strength, ability to shoot webs and cling to surfaces, danger detection ability
Superhuman strength and endurance, exterior of rock can block missiles and withstand extreme temperatures
High intelligence, superhuman agility, strength, speed, and durability, wields special shield
Ability to control heat energy, create shapes from flame, controls temperature with his mind, flight ability

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