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Can you name the Special Days of the Year?

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Day when the NCAA selects which colleges will participate in March Madness
Superstitious day, usually happening a couple times a year
Christians believe that on this day Jesus rose from the dead
Day when workers relax on the formal dress code
Day when cold air came from Canada, causing record-breaking freezing temperatures in the US
Day when the stock market crashed in 1929
First day of Lent
Day after Easter that some Christians celebrate
Day after Thanksgiving when there are shopping deals
Day after Thanksgiving weekend when there are shopping deals online
A day of celebration (especially in New Orleans) before the first day of Lent
Day when the stock market crashed in 1987
Christian day when Jesus was crucified
Day of the Christian moveable feast that falls a week before Easter
Day of violence for many different movements, including the Russian Revolution and the Civil Rights Movement
Day when most presidential primaries occur

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