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Can you name the 100 Most Valuable Movie Stars In 2012 According to NY Magazine?

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1.The Comeback Kid
2.The Returning Box Office King
3.The Quirky Tentpole Perennial
4.The Solid Star
5.The Not-Just-A-Pretty-Face
6.The Sign of Quality
7.The Beloved Icon
8.Mrs. Hollywood
9.The Queen
10.The King of Hollywood
11.America's Oscar Winning Sweetheart
12.Smarter Than He Looks
13.The Auteur's Muse
14.The Boy Wizard
15.The Star With Baggage
16.The Relatable Bombshell
17.The Tortured Superhero
18.The Late Bloomer
19.The Spunky Girl Next Door
20.The Transformed Child Star
21.The Imported Muscle
22.The Funny Man
23.The Aging Man-Child
24.The Action Veteran
25.The Hunk With Heart
26.The Leader of the Pack
27.The Love Interest
28.The Rock
29.The Gorgeous Goofball
30.The Bearded Wonder
31.The Entertainer
32.The Reborn Action Star
33.The Polished Thug
34.Mr. Nice Guy
35.The Swan Princess
36.America's Favorite Funny Lady
37.The Charmer
38.The Princess
39.The Secret Agent
40.The Reformed Cheeseball
41.The Ambitious Girl Next Door
42.The Retired 'It' Girl
43.The Goofball Grown Up
44.The Actress Whose Best Role is 'Celebrity'
45.The Goof
46.The Homecoming Queen With a Dark Side
47.The Eyes
48.The Burned Out Movie Star Turned Auteur
49.The Teen Wolf
50.The Returning Clown
51.The Dark Horse
52.The Reputation
53.The Everydude
54.The Motormouth
55.The Dude
56.The TV Girl Made Good
57.The Ascendant Action Hero
58.The Bankable Stoner
59.The Vamp With Much At Stake
60.The Sensitive Brawler
61.The Overachiever
62.The Would-Be Sweetheart
63.The Always Underestimated Clown
64.The Surfer Dude With Soul
65.The Disappearing Artist
66.The Mini-Mogul
67.The Son
68.The Backup Plan
69.The Performance Artist
70.The Franchise 'Star'
71.The Smart Sex Symbol
72.The First Action Hero
73.The Drama Queen
74.The CGI Addict
75.The Handsome Joker
76.The Hyphenate
77.The Talented Tough Guy
78.The Renaissance Hipster
79.The Regal Heartthrob
80.The Bad Girl
81.The Mellowed Brando
82.The Straight Man
83.The Patient Comedienne
84.The Import
85.The Scene Stealer
86.The Man Crush
87.The Poster Boy With Something to Prove
88.The Enviable One
89.The Wanderer
90.The Reluctant All-American
91.The Gunslinger
92.The Redhead With Range
93.The Gossiped-About Girl
94.The Distracted Oscar Winner
95.The Ascendant
96.The Unpredictable One
97.The Soccer Mom
98.The Blissed Out Action Star
99.The Eager Action Hero
100.The Period-Drama Princess

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