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What is the duration of STM?
Who researched STM Duration?Through nonsense trigrams and a distraction task. Sample size of 24
What is the duration of LTM?
Who researched LTM Duration?Yearbook names and face recall in the lab.
What is the capacity of STM?
Who researched STM capacity?Serial digit span. The experiment was done in 1887.
What is the capacity of LTM?
Who researched encoding?Acoustic and semantic word lists. Doesn't take into account visual encoding.
What type of encoding is STM?
Name 1 of the 3 main elements of the Multi-store Model?Boxes on the model.
Name 1 of the 6 other elements of the Multi-store model?Arrows on the model.
Name 1 of the 3 main elements of the Working memory model.3 main boxes.
What was added by Baddeley in response to criticisms?Takes information from other senses.
Name 1 of 2 elements of the phonological loop?AKA inner ear or the inner voice
Name 1 of the 2 elements of the visual-spatial sketchpad.
Who was the research for the MSM and WMM based on?
Who studied misleading information?Lady.
DescriptionAnswerExtra hint
What was the experiment?45 participants. Independant group design. 5 groups of 9.
What is the study into post-event information by Loftus et al?Post-event information is more powerful than original memory.
What was the back-up study about [18]?Not everyone can be lead.
What was Loftus et al's study into anxiety looking into the effect of?2 conditions - pen & grease. paper knife & blood.
Which condition did they find had better recall?49% accuracy from 50 photos.
What did Christianson & Hubinette find improved recall?An example of the yerks-dodson law.
Who did they use in their research?22 genuine robberies.
Who found younger children were more likely to select someone that older children?Even if the person they had seen wasn't in the line-up
Who found that repeating a question was more likely to make a child change their answer?Also found that interviewer bias, stereotype induction, authority figures and encouragement to visualise make a difference.
Who found there was no significant difference in accuracy after 2 weeksstudied students from primary through to college.
Who researched into older witnesses?Youg adults were more reliable than older adults.
Who researched own-age bias?People are better at recognising people a similar age
Who researched the cognitive interview?4 elements to it. 2 of which are report everything and recall in a different order
What is mentally re-constructing the experience called?emotions/smells/reactions/lighting etc/ Can involve returning to the scene
What is viewing it from a different angle called?
Name one way of improving memory

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