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A tale of love, courage, and...
Number of chapters
Store where you can buy ties/meet your soulmate
Kris' favorite food for lunch
Material the tie is made out of
Where Adam works
What Kris leaves in Adam's apartment
Mental condition Adam suffers from
Adam's best friend
Alisan's nickname for Adam
Kris' roomate
Adam's therapist
Adam's method of coping (pre-Kris)
When Adam relives his trauma
Adam's nickname for Kris (sexy)
Adam's nickname for Kris (sweet)
Kris' nickname for Adam
Color of Kris' wings
Adam's halloween costume
Location of Halloween sex
Name of the boyfriend that rapes Adam
Adam's negative view of himself
The beginning of a flashback
Adam's domestic talent
Kris likes it...
Clothing item that hides hickeys
What brings Adam back from a flashback
Kitchen item that doubles as a sex toy
Adam's annoying cousin
Location of Thanksgiving sex that interupts dinner
Best time to have sex during a football game
Healthier method that Adam uses to relieve his aggression
Makes a good gag when banging in an airplane bathroom
Where Kradam goes for Christmas
Childhood hideout that also is a great place to get **** by your boyfriend
Danny, Kris, and Adam throwing cold white stuff at eachother
What Kris gives Adam for Christmas
What Adam gives Kris
Above present shows that Kris is a...
Kris goes nuts when Adam wears this
Alisan's bday present for Adam
What Kris cooks for Adam
Adam's bday song
Sexy part of Adam's bday present from Kris
Xolo puppy
Media retail company Adam's Dad runs
Valentine's Day getaway spot
Mode of transportation on Valentine's Day
Location of vacation sex
Matt's new roomie
Girl who works in the pet store
Designer store where Adam works
Adam's boss
Kris' secret artistic talent
Where Kris goes to school
Color of THE jacket
Fifi uses this notify the boys that she needs to pee

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