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First GameCombined TitleSecond Game
One of the first truly 'gory' games released in 1988; currently being remadeClassic light gun arcade game with zombies and terrible voice acting
Some buff guys have to save the planet with chainsaw bayonetsA real time stragety series that now currently holds the worlds biggest MMO
A robot more commonly known as the 'blue bomber' goes to fight six robot masters.A man is forced to kill multiple gang members on camera in a (preferably) stealthy fashion.
Four immune survivors team up and fight through the infectedA photographer camps out in a mall for 3 days to get the scoop of his life
An innocent scientist gets attacked by aliens and the military one day at workGuide a girl through an alien infested spacestation using (god awful) voice commands
A Rare developed FPS for N64 that isn't GoldeneyeA Source game not by Valve, and filled with hand to hand combat against Orcs.
The most recognized series of zombie games, that isn't much about zombies nowadays.A videogame adaptation of the horror movie starring Bruce Campbell.
The first music game to feature drums, guitar, and singing designed in USAA more recent music game with a tracklist designed more for a younger generation
Car combat, with an iconic clown and his ice cream truckA man must infiltrate a base to stop a terrorist from launching nukes
The first big name racing game on PS2, and the third in the seriesOld tactical shooter series that started to go bad after switching pubshilers; is getting post apocalypse 'sand world' reboot soon
First GameCombined TitleSecond Game
A new indy game about surviving the undead, only found on PCA dual stick shoot em up on PSN and XBLA, also featuring lovely amounts of the undead.
With your beam katana, try to take out all of the ranked assassins in attempt to become number oneA series spin off of the Might and Magic series, featuring turn based gameplay.
A crime story set in the 80's at a fictional Miami like city.A comic book like MMO, featuring the good guys
A popular PC game where your'e stuck on tropical island with mutants and mercenaries A FPS by the same developer and nearly the same idea, except with a 'nano suit'
The first addition to a popular series to introduce the green dinosuar and his islandA RTS that puts you in the modern day cold war
A Wii game all about dancing thats becoming strangely popularA dancing game that feature directional arrows to step on
New York is falling apart and you're in central park wondering just who you areGet lost flying the Bermuda Triangle, end up fighting aliens with a jetpack
A 2003 third person shooter where you play as a robot fighting other robotsA PC FPS about a hacker who gets stuck at a space station, trying to beat SHODAN
An upcoming racing game taking place on a reality TV show, involving players sabotaging others by forcing them to do stuntsA third person shooter about a man who awakes in a medical facility with little to no memory, and mental powers
Lionhead Studios first 'god' game, where you're literally a godA PS3 RPG about a boy who finds some armor that transforms him into an ancient warrior

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