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Can you fill in the four letter words in this Doctor Who themed word ladder?

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--Series 2, Episode 2 - Tooth and ____--1
Act of achievement4
--Series 2, Episode 11 - ____ Her5
--Series 4, Episode 9 - Forest of the ____--7
Round part of a necklace8
A band should keep a steady ____9
Clean and in order10
--Specials, Episode 1 - The ____ Doctor--11
Place birds lay their eggs12
____ we forget13
--Series 4, Episode 11 - (Rung 42) ____--14
Bring upwards15
Opposite of (Rung 7)16
Continue to have (Rung 16)17
--Series 2, Episode 10 - ____ & Monsters--18
Sheltered area in a mountain, e.g.19
--Series 3, Episode 2 - The Shakespeare ____--20
Past tense of (Rung 22)21
Be carried on the back of an animal22
--Series 2, Episode 5 - ____ of the Cybermen23
Coating of ice24
--Series 3, Episode 13 - (Rung 37) of the ____ Lords--25
Fruit, similar to lemons26
Walk with a jerky movement27
Weak, timid person28
Thin streak of smoke29
--Series 4, Episode 7 - The Unicorn and the ____--30
Twist out of shape31
Series of battles32
--Specials, Episode 3 - The Waters of ____--33
Many of the standard amount of hits per hole in golf34
--Specials, Episodes 4 and 5 - The End of (Rung 25), ____ 1/235
Ago, already been36
--Series 3, Episode 13 - The ____ of the (Rung 25) Lords37
Group of performers38
Wheeled vehicle pulled by horse or pony39
Sharp taste; or Jam ____40
Mountain lake or pool41
--Series 4, Episode 11 - ____ (Rung 14)--42

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