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Met this old companion of the Doctor's at Deffry Vale High School.

Was Knighted by this Monarch.

Met this ex-time agent in 1941.

Met this famous writer from the Victorian era.

Insulted this 'Last Human'.

Met this worker from Van Statten's Vault.

Was beaten by this man when playing the Weakest Link on the Game station.

Met this girl in 2012, who had been possessed by a lone Isolus.

Met this sticky foe when on Satellite Five.

Defeated these robots that looked like shop dummies.

Discovered this family had infiltrated 10 Downing Street.

These creatures appeared after she stopped her father from dying.

Finds this furry enemy when in Victorian Scotland.

Gets her facial features removed from his alien.

Sees this alien be liquefied into the ground.

Stops this alien, that had possessed Toby Zed.

Times and Places
Stops her dad from dying in this year.

Intended to go to this year, but instead met Queen Victoria.

Met the lone Dalek in this year.

Landed on the SS Madame de Pompadour in this century.

Discovers a lone Isolus on this road in London.

Gets separated from the Doctor after a battle took place in this area.

Ended up here having followed the Doctor's voice to Norway.

Met Charles Dickens in this large Welsh city.


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