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Siblings (name one)


Met this famous Elizabethan poet and playwright. 
Met this old friend of the Doctor's on New Earth. 
Befriended this actress and singer from 1930's New York. 
Saw this man 'change what it means to be human' 
Became jealous of this school nurse. 
Welcomed this man to 1969 when she was stuck there. 
Befriended this assistant of professor Yana. 
Met this fellow resistance member in 'The year that never was.' 
Discovered this blood sucking alien in hospital. 
Said the last word of a made up spell to defeat these aliens. 
Nearly got killed on the motorway by these creatures 
This sun took over people on a ship she went on. 
Made the Doctor remember who he was so he could defeat this family. 
Sent back in time by these aliens. 
Got chased by this species in 'Utopia' 
Traveled around the world to defeat this old enemy of the Doctor. 
Times and Places
Was in the Royal Hope Hospital when it got transported to here. 
The name of the city she landed in on New Earth. 
Went to this city in 1930. 
Ended up on this planet, where the humans planned to fly to Utopia. 
Waited in this year whilst the Doctor thought he was human. 
Had only this amount of time to stop a ship crashing into a sun. 
Had to stop a dangeous sun destroying a ship in this century. 
Was trapped in this year. 

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