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Discovered this man had been dosing her coffee with Huon particles. 
Met this ex-companion of the Doctor's, who had begun working with U.N.I.T. 
Named this supposed 'daughter' of the Doctor's. 
Saw the Doctor's 'daughter' get shot by this man. 
Met this famous crime writer from the 1920's. 
Befriended this new member of the archaeologist crew sent to investigate the Library. 
Met this ex-companion of the Doctor's in a parallel world. 
Met this creator of ATMOS. 
Helps the Doctor defeat this species on her wedding day. 
Helped to set this species free. 
Travelled through this species ship to activate the teleport. 
Witnessed the end of the war between men and this alien race. 
Defeated this wasp-like alien by throwing the Firestone into a lake. 
Got saved into the comupter of a library, that was infested by these aliens. 
This crawled on her back and changed history. 
By becoming the 'DoctorDonna' she saved the Doctor and his friends from this creator of the Daleks. 
Times and Places
Met the Doctor when investigating the office of this company. 
Set free a species on this moon. 
Saw the war for the Source end on this planet. 
Returned Earth to its correct location after it was taken to here. 
The date of her original wedding day. 
Traveled to Pompeii in this year. 
Set free a species in this year. 
Went to the Library in this century. 

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