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Saved this girl from the old God Akhaten. 
Met this psychic who was investigating a supposed witch at Caliburn House. 
Investigated Sweetville, a community that was run by this woman. 
Met this childhood hero. 
Helped break into a bank with the help of this mutant human. 
Met this captain, who had been sent with her crew to blow up the moon. 
Met this woman on board the Orient Express. 
Saved this friends life by taking the chronolock from him. 
Met this Ice warrior on board a Soviet Submarine. 
Was chased through the TARDIS by these. 
Entered the Doctor's time stream to save him from this imprint of an inter-dimensional being. 
Faced this villain in Sherwood. 
Helped the Doctor save the school from this war robot. 
Discovered this bandaged creature on the Orient Express. 
Was attacked by this creature during her sleep. 
Got replaced by one of these 'big red rubbery things covered in suckers'. 
Times and Places
Was forced to take Angie and Artie to this space theme park. 
Travelled to the Doctors grave, situated on this planet 
Broke into this bank to save a species. 
Was imprisoned on this planet by the Daleks. 
Used a vortex manipulator from the Black archive to travel to this year. 
Walked on the moon in this year. 
Went to the underwater base: 'the Drum' in this year. 
Went to this space station where the Morpheus programme was in this century. 

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