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Met this future British Monarch aboard Starship UK.  
Found herself unsure of which world was real when put under a trap from this man. 
Gave hope to this famous painter. 
Is watched by this woman while travelling with the Doctor. 
Helped the Doctor stop a Siren from abducting all of this mans crew. 
Met this Egyptian queen on board a spaceship with Dinosaurs for passengers. 
Saved this scientists life. 
Met this head of scientific research at UNIT. 
Discovered this criminal had been hiding in her home for twelve years. 
Met these supposed vampires in 1500's Venice. 
Got dragged underground by these monsters. 
Discovered the Pandorica was a trap set by this team of different aliens. 
Got trapped with Rory on the TARDIS when this entity took over it. 
Had to avoid being touched by these robots, who where there to give 'a kindness'. 
Discovered the cubes were sent to Earth by this supposed mythological species. 
Allows herself to be zapped back in time by these aliens, so she can live with Rory. 
Times and Places
Met the Doctor for the first time in this year. 
Met Dr Nasreen Chaudhry in this year. 
Discovered a Siren on board 'the Fancy' in this century. 
Died at this age. 
Went to this planet, where the Byzantium had crashed. 
Was taken underneath this small village in Wales. 
Ended up stuck on this planet for 36 years. 
Ended up at the town of Mercy which was situated in this state. 

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