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Can you enter the missing words in these Doctor Who Speeches?

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Demons Run Poem
Demons run when a ____ man 
goes to ___. 
Night will fall and _____ the sun,  
when a ____ man  
goes to ___. 
_________ dies and true love lies,  
Night will fall and the ____ will rise, 
when a ____ man 
goes to ___ 
Demons run, but count the ____,  
the battle's won, but the _____ is lost. 
Akhaten Speech
I've watched universes ______ 
and creations ____. 
I've seen things you wouldn't ________. 
I have ____ things 
you will never _________. 
And I know ______. 
_______ that must never be told. 
Knowledge that must never be ______. 
Knowledge that will make ________ gods blaze. 
So ____ on, then! 
____ it! ____ it all, baby! 
____ it! You ____ it all!  
Pandorica Speech
So, if you're _______ up there 
in your silly little __________, 
With all your silly, little ____, 
And you've got any ____  
on _____ the Pandorica tonight, 
Just _______ who's standing in your way. 
Timey-Wimey Speech
People assume that ____ 
Is a strict progression of _____ 
To ______, 
But actually from a _________, 
____________ viewpoint, 
It's more like a big ____ of 
Wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey _____. 
Eleventh Doctor's Regeration Speech
We all _____, 
When you _____ about it. 
We're all _________ people 
All through our _____. 
And that's ____, that's good, 
You've got to keep ______, 
So long as you ________ 
All the ______ 
That you ____ to be. 
I will not ______ one line of this. 
Not one ___. 
I _____. 
I will ______ remember 
When the ______ was me. 
Twelfth Doctor's Zygon Inversion Speech
I don't __________? 
Are you _______? Me? 
Of ______ I understand. 
I mean, do you call this a ___? 
This _____ little thing? 
This is ___ a war! 
I fought in a ______ war 
than you will ever ____. 
I did ______ things 
than you could ever _______. 
And when I close my ____ 
I hear more ______ 
than anyone could ever be able to _____! 

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