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Doctor Who
Defeated the Master, met Shakespeare. - which companion?
Doctor Who Modern companions
Karen Gillan - (H)arry Potter, (D)octor Who, or (B)oth?
Doctor Who or Harry Potter
The Next Doctor (The Next Doctor) - Character referenced
One Episode Modern Companions
''Rose, before I go, I just want to tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.'' - what line follows?
Doctor Who Modern Quotes
Rose, The, The. - Complete one of their names
Doctor Who Name Match Up
Boom, Bad, New, Human, Amy's, Night, Closing, Last, Hell - Finish one of the titles
Doctor Who 2 Word Episodes
''Allons-y Alonso!'' - Who said it?
Doctor Who Said It?
What 1 episode companion was in 'The End of the World'?, or who was in 'School Reunion'?
One episode Doctor Who Companions Bunker
Who said: 'Raggedy Man, Goodbye!', or who said: 'I don't wan't to go.'
Doctor Who Last Lines
First Companion Alphabetically - Name
Doctor Who Modern Companion Profiles
The Country that has Bad Wolf Bay, Monarch that the Doctor and Rose met in 'Tooth and Claw'...' - name either the place or person
Doctor Who A-Z 2005-2007-Difficult
A - Name any Companion whose name starts with A
Doctor Who A-Z Companions
Related to another companion by blood - Name the most guessed blood relative of another companion
Doctor Who Mini Minefields
Picture 1, above - Name the character
The Doctor and Companions Map Quiz
Name the most guessed alien from the book 'How to be a Time Lord'
How to be a Time Lord - Aliens
Picture 2, above - Name the Episode
Doctor Who Episodes by Poster
Raxacoricofallapatorians and Cybermen - Name a modern companion who faced either of these monsters
Modern Doctor Who Companions by Monster
Picture 3, above - Name the character
Modern Doctor Who Characters by Picture
Historical Figure - Appeared in series 3.
Doctor Who Historical Figures
Picture 6, above - Name any of the aliens/monsters
Doctor Who Aliens and Monsters A-Z
Picture 7, above - Name the character
Modern Doctor Who Characters Who Die
Picture 8, above - Name the monster
Doctor Who Monsters by Part of a Picture
The Ninth Doctor's Companion - Name the companion
Profile: The Doctor (2005-)
Doctor Who
The Runaway Bride - Name the main companion
Doctor Who Christmas Match
The Ninth Doctor, Martha Jones, Rory Williams, River Song, The Tenth Doctor - Name the title of any of their first episodes
Doctor Who: First Episodes
omoB wTon, ylsmAu fo teh lseDkaAna - Unscramble either episode title
Doctor Who Episodes by gram
Main Actor of Rose- Name the actor
Profile: Rose Tyler
Husband, Met this famous Elizabethan poet and playwright - Name either person
Profile: Martha Jones
Main Actor of Donna- Name the actor
Profile: Donna Noble
Husband, Daughter - Name either character
Profile: Amy Pond
Main Actor of Clara- Name the actor
Profile: Clara Oswald
Name an episode beginning with B
Doctor Who Episodes by Letter
What does TARDIS stand for?
Doctor Who Trivia Field
Who is the main character, and what do they travel in? - Name the character or method of transport
Doctor Who Name Chain
Picture 11, above - Name the character in the bottom right corner
Doctor Who Character Click
Picture 11, above - Name the character in the bottom left corner, the third from the left at the bottom, or the top right character
Doctor Who Character Map
Picture 13, above - What is the name for that Angel's species?
Doctor Who Monster Click
The main character or his eleventh's main companion - Name either of them
Doctor Who Soundtracks: Mentioned by Name
Picture 15, above - Name the episode
Modern Doctor Who Episodes by Literal Images
First Line: ''Run.'' Last Line: ''So was I'' - Who said those lines?
Doctor Who Characters: First/Last Lines
Amelia ____ - State the surname
Missing Word: Doctor Who Companions
Spouse of Melody 'River Song' Pond
Doctor Who Modern Family Trees
Picture 17, above - Name either the top left character, or the one below Clara
Doctor Who Companion Click
''I want chips.'' - Who said it?
Modern Doctor Who Quotes: Series 1
''Nice place. No shop, downstairs...'', ''Oh, I'm, I'm dazed and confused....'', ''I, I love you.'' - Who said any of these quotes?
Modern Doctor Who Quotes: Series 2
''Wait till you read book seven. Oh, I cried.'' - Who said it?
Modern Doctor Who Quotes: Series 3
''Run'' - What episode did the Doctor have this as his first line?
Doctor Who Episodes by Doctor's First Line
Harry Potter
Book One - Backwards title
Harry Potter Backwards
Harry Potter - Who was his Yule Ball date?
Yule Ball Partners Match Up
Picture 9, above - Name both characters
Harry Potter Character Crossover
First Line: ''Gran, I've lost my toad again.'', Last Line: ''I'll join you when hell freezes over. Dumbledore's Army!'' - Who said these lines?
Harry Potter Characters First/Last Lines
C - Second oldest Weasley Child - What is their name?
Harry Potter and Doctor Who A-Z
Lbyi‎rar - What area of Hogwarts is shown in this Anagram?
Areas of Hogwarts
Cho, Luna, Draco, Parvati, Harry, Fred, Ginny - State the surname of one of these characters
Harry Potter Student Match Up
Who has the middle names: 'Percival Wulfric Brian'
Harry Potter Middle Names Match*
Harry Potter - Who was his protector?
The Seven Harry's Match Up
'The Dark Lords most faithful female servant...' - What's her name?
Harry Potter Name Chain
First House Alphabetically - House name
Hogwarts Houses Trivia
Picture 12, above - Name the flying student, the character 4th from the left along the bottom row, or the far right character along the very bottom
Harry Potter Character Click: Students
Picture 10, above - Name the character
Harry Potter Characters by Picture (2)
Actor of Hermione throughout all films - Actress' name
Hermione Granger Profile
Picture 14, above - Name the second from the right along the bottom, or the far left on the top row
Harry Potter Character Click: Death Eaters
Ron's Parents Names, or Siblings Names - Name one
Ron Weasley Profile
Most guessed Harry Potter character whose name starts with an A
Quick! Click the Harry Potter
Harry's Main Actor, Parents, Wife, Children - Name one
Harry Potter Profile
Picture 4, above - Name either book title
Harry Potter by Cover
Picture 5, above - Name the character
Harry Potter Characters by Picture
Picture 16, above - Name the character
Harry Potter By Eye
Who married James Potter?
Harry Potter Relationships
Son of Lucius - Name the son
Harry Potter Family Relationship Click

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