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Can you name the Doctor Who Episodes by the Doctor's First Line?

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Forced Order
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First LineEpisode
''Amy? Winston Churchill.''
''Your chances of survival are about one in a thousand.''
''Invasion of the very small cubes. That's new.''
''It's that way.''
''Hello, I'm the Doctor. Happy Easter.''
''The Satanic Nebula.''
''Hello, it's Doctor Disco.''
''No, neither can I. Oh, careful.''
''Bye, then. Lovely meeting you. Sorry about the mess.''
''Nah, nothing here. Well, nothing dangerous.''
''Cybermen in broad daylight? You think people won't notice?''
''John Smith, Health and Safety.''
''Rory! Listen, she's not dead. Well, she is dead, but it's not the end of the world.''
''Oh, smell that air. Grass and lemonade. And a little bit of mint. A hint of mint.''
''Canton. Amy. Amy!''
''Ancient Rome.''
''Oh. Hello. Sorry to burst in on you like this.''
''In the late 1970s? You'd be better off in a bin bag.''
''As you come into this world, something else is also born.''
''It very nearly ate you for dinner.''
First LineEpisode
''The control's not working.''
''Fine. Marvellous. Refulgent. Possibly a bit embarrassed.''
''Go to your room.''
'The red planet.'
''Get down!''
''New York growled at my window, but I was ready for it.''
''Is there anything on my head?''
''You there, boy. What day is this?''
''Your train awaits, my lady.''
''I don't have any money. But I play.''
''Clara, I want you to step inside the Tardis.''
''Just one trip. That's what I said.''
''Mercy. Eighty one residents.''
''Who wants fish and chips?''
''You are kidding, aren't you? You want to see Elvis, you go for the late fifties.''
''How long are you going to stay with me?''
''Rory! That's a relief. I thought I'd burst out of the wrong cake, again.''
''Hello, Craig. I'm back.''
''Boo! Hello, I'm looking for a ghost.''
''You'll probably feel a bit sick. Please, don't be.''
First LineEpisode
''Could I have an apple?''
''Where's this come from, all of a sudden?''
''Good morning, class. Are we sitting comfortably?''
''Right, there we go. Universal roaming.''
''Ah. Yes. Blimey. Sorry. Christmas Eve on a rooftop. Saw a chimney, my whole brain just went, what the hell.''
''Viva Las Vegas!''
''Sapphire waterfall. It's a waterfall made of sapphires.''
''Well, here we are. Hedgewick's World.''
''Yo ho ho! Or does nobody actually say that?''
''There we go. Perfect landing.''
''Yes, what is it? What do you want?''
''Come on, Pond.''
''Behold, Rio.''
''About twelve hours.''
''It's mauve.''
''Like so.''
''Now then. Where were we?''
''A woman.''

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