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QUIZ: Can you name the Doctor Who A-Z 2005-2007?

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Name of the horse that wandered from 1744 Paris to the 51st century ship, in 'The Girl in the Fireplace.'A
Name of the planet that has dogs with no noses.B
In 'The End of the World' Jabe is from The Forest of _____.C
Translates into English as 'Bad Wolf Bay.'D
Final word used to banish the Carrionites.E
Human name that the Plasmavore used.F
Name of the maid in 'The Unquiet Dead.'G
Surname of the singer of the songs 'Song for Ten' and 'Love don't roam' on the series 1&2 soundtrack.H
Lonely alien in 'Fear Her.'I
The name of Nancy's son in 'The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances.'J
Name of the schoolchild who helped the Doctor and Co. defeat the Krillitanes.K
What LINDA stands for.L
The universally recognized colour for danger.M
The Country that has Bad Wolf Bay.N
The name the Daleks gave the Doctor, Rose sarcastically reminded him of this when he arrived back, apparently drunk, from the 18th century.O
The Daleks in Manhattan made these using 'the less intelligent.'P
Monarch that Rose and the Doctor met in 'Tooth and Claw'; who knighted them 'Sir Doctor of TARDIS' and 'Dame Rose of the Powell Estate.'Q
Planet that the Slitheen came from.R
Surname of a worker on 'The Impossible Planet' who went beneath the surface.S
Name given to the killing robots made from those who went to Utopia.T
State which contains Van Statten's underground base.U
Wrist device supplied to time agents, allows them to travel in time.V
Surname of the girl who drew pictures in 'Fear Her.'W
According to Lance Bennett, Donna Noble Talked excitedly about this reality TV show.X
What YANA standa for.Y
Surname of the worker on 'The Impossible Planet' whose strongest field was Archaeology. Z

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