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Can you name the Season two episodes of Buffy the vampire slayer?

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Episode #TitleDescription
Episode OneBuffy returns to Sunnydale and she's a little .... different.
Episode TwoHow to make your own girlfriend.
Episode ThreeParent teacher night meets vampire invasion.
Episode FourXander's new girlfriend can suck the life out of you.
Episode FiveFrat boys = cult members
Episode SixAn old friend of Giles makes Halloween more interesting with magical costumes.
Episode SevenVampire worshipers and liars abound in Sunnydale
Episode EightGiles' past comes back to haunt him .... or maybe kill him.
Episode NineCareer day and assassins
Episode TenTwo slayers and a kidnapped Angel
Episode ElevenMom's new boyfriend is a bit too perfect.
Episode #TitleDescription
Episode TwelveRaising an egg has never been this hard.
Episode ThirteenHappy Birthday Buffy! Here's an arm!
Episode FourteenGoodbye Angel, Hello Angelus. Judge meet rocket launcher.
Episode FifteenWillow's new boyfriend has been going through some changes. Big, hairy changes.
Episode SixteenXander's spell back fires badly. Buffy spends time as a rat.
Episode SeventeenJenny lost her friends and now her life. Giles gets pissed.
Episode Eighteen Buffy gets sick and spends some quality time with death.
Episode Nineteen A murder-suicide keeps repeating itself.
Episode TwentyThe swim team seems a little different, they are acting like monsters.
Episode Twenty OneKendra is back in town, but not for long. Willow tests out some witchcraft.
Episode Twenty TwoIt's time for the final showdown, Buffy vs Angelus.

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