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I mean, that's the first vampire we've seen since Xander
Cordelia, your mouth is open and sound is coming from it.Buffy
Good, you won't tell anyone I'm the slayer,Buffy
Embrace the painCordelia
Love makes you doWillow
I was raised to believe that men dig up the corpses,Buffy
And while I'm whittling, I plan to Xander
You were my sire, man! You were Spike
Buffy: Do we really need weapons for this? Spike: I just like them Spike
Just this once, I'd like to be theBuffy
Ampata: You are strange. Xander: Girls always tell me that. Right before theyXander
When you kiss meBuffy
Buffy: He could smell it. Xander: The blood? There's a guy you wantXander
Since when do they have orgies? And why aren't I Xander
The reflection thing that you don't have. Angel,Willow
I can't wait for the boys to go ______ when they see youBuffy
She couldn't have dressed up like Willow
Willow: The lonely ones? Angel: Vampires Xander: Oh! We usually call them the Xander
Xander: Angel was in your bedroom? Willow: Ours is a Willow
Giles lived for school. He's probably still bitter that there are onlyXander
Angel: Maybe he's late. Buffy: Giles? Who counts tardiness as the eighthBuffy
Note to self religionBuffy
I am immature, I'm a teenager, I have yetBuffy
Buffy: It's your lucky day Spike. Kendra: Two Slayers, Buffy:Buffy
You can attack me, you can send assassins after me, that's fine. But nobody messesBuffy
Giles: There are 43 churches in Sunnydale? Seems a little excessive. Willow: Its the extra evil vibe from the Hellmouth. Makes peopleWillow
Cordelia: Like how to build your own serial killer? Xander: Uh, its so hard to ____ one nowadaysXander
Angel, when I look into the future, all I see __ ____. All I want __ _____.Buffy
You think he's to old because he's a senior? Please! My boyfriend had aBuffy
You can't see the stars love. That's the ceiling. AlsoSpike
I didn't jump! I took a tiny step and Buffy
You are quite theOz
Angelus: Lacks Poetry. Spike: Doesnt have to. What Spike
My whole life just flashed before my eyes. I gottaXander
Something weird is going on. Isn't that ourXander
Cordelia: It's about time our school excelled at something. Willow: Hmm, you're forgetting our highWillow
It's a big rock. I can't wait to tell my friends. Spike
I defined something? Accurately?Xander
This is my lucky stake. I have killed many vampires with it. I call it Kendra
The big moments are gonna come. You can't help that. It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's whenWhistler
Well, you could go out to the parking lot and Cordelia
Angelus: My boy Acathla here is about to wake up. You're going to hell. Buffy:Buffy
My friends .... we're about to make history ...Angelus
Great. This is just what my reputation needs,Buffy
Angelus: Now that's everything huh? No weapons, no friends, no hope. Take all that away and what's left? BuffyBuffy

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