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QUIZ: Can you name the skateboarding tricks listed?

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HintTrickType Of Trick
The fundamental trick...up you go!Aerial
Technically, you can do this trick.Flip Trick
___ The Friendly Ghost, or a male name.Freestyle
Whoops, I guess this ghost isn't too friendly.Freestyle
Jumping onto/riding a rail with your skateboardSame As Name
It is bouncy.Freestyle
What you would do near something very smelly.Grab
Great food. Just great seafood.Grab
The name basically means 'using your feet in the galaxy' Freestyle
'A leg motion'+ 'an inversion'Flip Trick
'A part of your foot' + 'an inversion'Flip Trick
'Cutting a taxi into two equal parts' Flip Trick/Aerial/etc.
'Putting the taxi back together'Flip Trick/Aerial/etc.
HintTrickType Of Trick
Do-it-yourself, or a trick resembling a bicycle wheelie.Miscellaneous/Freestyle
Standing on the side of your skateboardFreestyle
'The sound of a balloon's ending'+'to push something in a hard way'Flip Trick
Cantaloupes, honeydews, etc.Grab
A type of martial artsGrab
A large rotationFlip Trick
A singer, a painting, or 'my lady'.Grab
A homophone of a type of musicGrab
No volumeGrab
A country in eastern AsiaGrab
A 'solid' flipKickflip
This trick is not on time.Flip Trick

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