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How does it feel, knowing your buried alive? See through bloodshot eyes, you're left empty inside.
You're such a dumbfuck. You need to shut up. You bring a picture of me everytime you get your hair cut.
I deserve a purple-heart for all my **** wounds. Lacerations to my ego, pride that I consume.
And if I die before I wake. Tell the Devil I'm on my way
I'm always searching for serenity. And I'm always standing at the edge of reality.
We're nothing but pawns, so move to where they want. 'Cos life is just a game.
If I cash in all my chips on you, then baby I'd be rich.
If we are born to die and we all die to live. Then whats the point of living life if it just contradicts?
Hi, My name is Ronnie! I'm an addict!
I just learned that my fate is something I can't escape.
And because of the fact that enough is enough! You are the one that is holding the gun!

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