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The HobbitKilled by Bard the Bowman
The SilmarillionNot even his fire would have been hot enough to melt the One Ring
The SilmarillionKilled by Turin Turinbar
The Dragon and the GeorgeYoung green dragon
The Dragon and the George'Evil' Dragon
The Dragon and the GeorgeOld brownish dragon
The Hero and the CrownKilled by Aerin
The Never-ending StoryLuck Dragon
BeowulfFirst Monster
BeowulfMother of First Monster
BeowulfDragon in Old Age, Multiple answers accepted
Volsunga SagaKilled by Sigurd
Voyage of the Dawn Treadera 'temporary' dragon, really a young boy transformed
A Wizard of Earth-seaDragon defeated by Ged
Guards! Guards!A swamp dragon
The Sword of TruthSaves/saved by Richard Cypher
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's StoneHagrid's 'baby' dragon
EragonEragon's dragon
Dealing With DragonsMajor Character and later 'King' of the Dragons
Dragon Riders of Pern (Series)Lessa's Gold
Dragon Riders of Pern (Series)F'lar's Bronze
Dragon Riders of Pern (Series)F'nor's Brown
Dragon Riders of Pern (Series)Sorka's Gold
Dragon Riders of Pern (Series)Sean's Bronze
Dragon Riders of Pern (Series)The White Dragon, ridden by Jaxom
Dragon Riders of Pern (Series)Mirrim's Green

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