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Napoleon's birthplace
World's most populous island
Island known for enormous stone statues called 'moai'
Island once called Formosa
Largest island in the Mediterranean Sea
African archipelago that merged with Tanganyika in 1964
Island without snakes, reportedly thanks to St. Patrick
Largest island of Muscat's country
Island purchased by Peter Minuit in 1626
Site of Operation Watchtower in WWII's Pacific theatre
Largest of the Balearic Islands
England's smallest county, at high tide
World's largest island located entirely in a river
Island named from Marco Polo's corruption of 'Mogadishu'
Archipelago visited by Darwin, known for its tortoises
Large island shared by Japan and the USSR until 1945
Former home of the Colossus, an ancient wonder
Island separating the Gulf of Riga from the Baltic Sea
World's largest island
Cagliari's island, for which a tinned fish may be named
Largest island belonging to a landlocked country
Pericles' princedom, now joined to the mainland
Island with the slogan 'a world apart, not a world away'
Largest island of the Svalbard archipelago
Island where 45% of Danes live (not the 'New' country)
Home of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano
Island whose largest city is Christchurch
Largest island in Lake Victoria
Home of the world's largest lizards
Former nuclear test site for which a swimsuit is named
Leeward Island whose main town is Codrington
Malabo's island, formerly called Fernando Pó
Longtime prison island in San Francisco Bay
Island with a Sinhalese majority and Tamil minority

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