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Seemingly geeky girl, who wants to open the tomb to get to her mother. Falls in love with Jeremy Gilbert.
It seems that her and Damon have a bit of history together, since they met when she was a college student, and she tried to open the tomb for Damon, but was unsuccessful.
In her relatively short stay in town, she has been shown to be irresponsible. was best friends with Miranda Sommers in high school. Makes out with people half her age.
Gave birth to a baby girl she gave away. Is now a vampire and seems to follow Katherine Pierce's commands.
New history teacher who knows vampires exist in Mystic Falls. Damon killed and turned the wife he never stopped searching for.
Winner of Miss Mystic Falls. Seems shallow and selfish. Had a relationship with Damon, before she realized he was using her. Now dates Matt Donovan.
The show's main male protagonist. Kind, moral, only drinks human blood. In love with Elena Gilbert and hated by his brother.
Shot his own sons. Was disappointed in Damon, but loved Stefan, who ironically, was his murderer.
Human killed by Damon (snapped neck). Continued to supply the town with vervain.
Returns to Mystic Falls to take care of her niece and nephew when their mother dies.
Ancestors from Salem. Casts various spells and is terrified by her new powers, before she gets them under control.
Bartender at the Mystic Grill. He was turned into a vampire by Anna
He blames the townspeople and the Salvatores for imprisoning him and wants revenge. Very temperamental and the most violent of the tomb vampires
She was in love with Johnathan Gilbert a mortal male, but he discovered that she was a vampire and betrayed her. Killed by John Gilbert.
Noble and brave. 4th Grandmother to Bonnie. Made the rings that allow Damon and Stefan to walk in daylight.
A member of The Founder's Council. Along with Alaric Saltzman, he possessed a ring that prevented its bearer from being killed. Him and his brother inherited these rings
When Elena went outside to speak on her phone, he kidnapped her to lead Damon into a trap. He nearly killed Damon, but he was talked out of it by Elena.
She's wicked, seductive and the cause of the Salvatore sibling rivalry.
She and her husband are divorced. Member of the founders council. Puts her trust in Damon Salvatore.
An easy going and considerate boy, who can also be withdrawn. His break-up from Elena has left him lovelorn.
17 year old girl torn between two vampire brothers who are both at war for her soul: one good, one evil.
Works as a waitress. She's turned by Damon and struggles to follow the moral path, like Stefan. Is eventually staked.
A vampire who became obsessed with Elena due to her being physically identical to Katherine.
Generous and friendly. Stefan's best friend. She had known Stefan and his brother Damon for over a century. She was killed in '162 Candles
Troubled teen, trying to get over the death of his sort-of girlfriend. Has a short-lived relationship with vampire Anna.
Killed by an unknown man who was compelled to keep Elena from searching for her mother.
Descendant of a long line of women believed to be witches. Her death was caused from the aftershock of opening the tomb.
The owner of a house where vampires from the tomb had lived until they were killed by Damon Salvatore and Alaric Saltzman.
The history teacher and football coach at Mystic Falls High School. He was killed by Damon Salvatore who wanted to prove he had no humanity.
He is a vampire of African American descent who fought in the Civil War. He was turned by Pearl in 1864 after beeing essentially killed on a battlefield
She is very snobbish and is a member of The Founder's Council.She and her husband have a very strained and hostile relationship.
Plays for the school football team. Rivalry with Jeremy Gilbert because of Vicki. Dad was the mayor
One of town folks that hunted Vampires along with Giuseppe Salvatore. Pearl seemed to have a crush on him. However he shoots her afterward discovering she was a vampire.
A doctor when he was alive and him and his wife owned a property where he worked at. Has a sister in law named Jenna
Mayor of the town until he is killed in the fire that burned the remaining tomb vampires. Possible werewolf
Jenna Sommer's ex-boyfriend news presenter. Becomes a vampire and is later killed by Alaric Saltzman.
The show's main male antagonist. Can be arrogant, charming, seductive. Was in love with Katherine Pierce, now shows feelings towards Elena Gilbert.
A distant cousin of Damon and Stefan Salvatore. He was killed by Damon on the 12th June 1953. It is supposed that he supplied the Founder's Council with vervain.

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