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Can you name the Who Is Responsible For These Touchdown Celebrations?

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CelebrationPlayer NameExtra Info
The 'Hello Heisman Pose' (College)In 1991 The Michigan Star Returned A Punt For A TD And Celebrated By Posing Like The Heisman Trophy
The Cell Phone Call (NFL)In 2003 This Saints Receiver Called His Kids After Scoring A Touchdown
Mile High Salute (NFL)This Broncos Runningback Saluted His Lineman And Other Teammates In The 90's
The Proposal (NFL)In 2005 This Bengals Receiver (Fake) Proposed To A Cheerleader After Scoring A TD
The First Player To Do 'The Lambeau Leap' (NFL)In 1993 This Packers Defensive Back Leaped Into The Stands After Returning An INT For A Touchdown
The Dunk (NFL)This Falcon Tight End Is Known For Dunking The Ball Through The Uprights
The Worm (NFL)This 90's Lion Receiver Would Get Down And Wiggle Like A Worm
The 'Ickey Shuffle' (NFL)In 1988 The Bengals Running Back Caught Media Attention With His Dance Moves
'The (Not So Full) Moon' (NFL)In 2004 This Vikings Receiver Pretended To Moon The Fans At Lambeau And Was Fined $10,000 For The Gesture
CelebrationPlayer NameExtra Info
The 'Dirty Bird' (NFL)In 1998 This Falcons Running Back Celebrated In The Endzone Gyrating Like A Chicken
The Funky Chicken (NFL)This 90's 49ers Defensive Back Had A Unique Chicken Dance When He Returned Interceptions
The Snow Angel (NFL)In 2008 This Patriots Receiver Made A Snow Angel In The Endzone
The First Player To Spike The Ball (NFL)In 1965 The Giants Wide Receiver Slammed The Ball Into The Ground And Decided To Call This 'The Spike'
The Diamond Cutter (NFL)Everytime This Ex-Chief Running Back Scored He Throws Up The Hand Gesture Of Rapper Jay Z
The 'Star' Spike (NFL)In 2000 This 49ers Receiver Spiked The Ball On The Dallas Star At Midfield
The X-Factor (NFL)This Ex-Chiefs Returnman Makes An X With His Arms After Entering The Endzone
Pregnant (NFL)In 2006 This Giants Running Back Put The Ball In His Jersey And Was Acting Pregnant

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