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Forced Order
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It's the rule that you live by and die for
As gods we shaped the world around
What ever it might be, I have to find out
Forests, deserts, rivers, blue seas
Don't be sacred now, close your eyes
I have to make it right
See shadows gathering around
When you hold me in your embrace
Remember who I am
I'll be waiting for you
Take my hand cause I wonder through
Can not believe it's an eye for an eye
I feel they're getting closer
Instrumental with a lot of piano in it
Some may call it a curse
Can't tell the reasons I dit it for you
But will stand until the end
In my heart you leave no gloom
Instrumental with a lot of vocals in it
Break through the surface
I'm burning the birdges
I don't feel redemption on their side
I've been begging for blood on the wall
Sending shivers down my spine
In silent moments, my silent tears
Before they turn to white
They are surrending me
Stay with me now I'm facing my last solemn hour
It's all around, getting stronger coming closer
Have you seen, the ruins of my world
A big instrumental ''song''
You sink away to the bottom
With shadows on its tale
See you suffer, holding me down
I can't believe what's happenning
Memories is stolen from us and you warn
You glorify the futur
Come near me
Dreams are a drug here
All they themselves to blame
Nothing is ever easy in life
Now we call him Ragnagord
You better keep moving
Mist the danger, I have to conquer
He surely would flee but the oath made him stay
The sins of your life are now catching up with you
You're holding my hand but you don't understand
You ran away, you hide way
You're always in my heart
I will not fall, won't let it go
He was the only humain beiing
The sun warms my face
Twisting and turning, it's always the same
I've been drowning in sorrow
A sheltering way shrines through this night
And never see you're facing
Won't you finally speak true for once
I'm close to the fire
In the blink of an eye I can see through your eyes
Lead my heart into a daze
It doesn't give the reason why
Always start at the end
Did you ever look behind
You gave up the fight
Many seasons passed me by
The blue rain covered my roofs
On behalf of her love
How I was before tomorrow
I'm hopping, I'm praying
Cause I'm proud of all my scars
Rest your head and go to sleep
Even Judas knew he had lie
Hold down your head now
A million fallen stars
My soul is at stake
And her long blond hair

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