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Can you name the Mass Effect Planets by Mission?

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Mission: Find and secure a Prothean Beacon
Mission: You escape this planet when squid robots attack
Mission: Retreive the Primarch
Mission: Locate Prothean data to stop the squid robots
Mission: Gain Loyalty of Tali
Mission: Find the Conduit
Mission: Destroy Reaper base controlling the Geth
Mission: Recruit Thane
Mission: Retreive the Female Krogan
Mission: Assist Kirrahe's Team
Mission: Recruit Grunt
Mission: You track Kai Leng to here
Mission: Find Liara T'Soni
Mission: Gain Loyalty of Samara
Mission: Cure the Genophage
Mission: Investigate Geth activity at a Research Colony
Mission: You find another Prothean Beacon
Mission: Gain Loyalty of Garrus
Mission: Where the suicide mission takes place
Mission: Help ex-Ceberus Scientists

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