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Can you name the footballers (soccer) after their names have been translated into English?

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English NamePlayerNationality (Appears After Answered)
George Samuel
Hugh Rodger
Frank Fabric
Eddie Danger
Boy Flowers
Andy Sure
Samuel Naismith
Matt Flames
Jesus Erics
Alexander White
Jeff Fanfare
Sebastian Pigjoiner
Manny Adams
Dennis Barr
Christopher Ronald
Moe Saul
Kevin Vauxhall
Alex Colours
English NamePlayerNationality (Appears After Answered)
Pat Ever
Pete Check
Martin Stickyhill
Johnny Kills
Jim Park
Dave Silver
Damien Coast
Steven Gay
Will Palace
Davis Lewis
Tony Valance
Aaron Thieving
Colin Trousers
Lewis Swears
Mark Reuse
Charles Veal
Nicholas Jelly

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