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Which Simpson's character is hosting dinner for two and upon burning their cooking, sneaks across to the Krusty Burger and presents the fast food as their own?
Who shot Mr. Burns?
On a side profile, how many spikes of hair are on Bart Simpson's head?
What episode does Tito Puente make a cameo in?
How many cats has Lisa had?
How old is Hans Moleman?
What was Homer, Apu, Skinner, Barney and Chief Wiggums singing group called?
Who is the only Pro Wrestler to feature on The Simpsons?
What colour hat does Poochy wear?
What is Comic Book Guy's real name?
How old is Ned Flanders?
What are Patty and Selma's pet iguana called?
How long did it take Danny Elfman to write The Simpsons opening tune?
Who does the voice of Maggie's sucking noise?
Who is the only character to have been given 5 fingers?

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