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Forced Order
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Pushed through the NHS
Improved Nursing in the Crimea
Discovered the First Vaccine
Said Doctors should wash their hands
Discovered Penicillin in 1928
Proved the Germ Theory
Was thrown in prison for suggesting Galen may be wrong
Found a 'cure' for Diptheria
Discovered the First Magic Bullet
Prove the heart was a pump
Perfromed human dissections to prove Galen wrong
Discovered Germs
Invented Ligatures
Mass Produced Penicillin
Came up with the 4 Humour Theory
Discovered Chloroform worked as a anaesthetic
Discovered the antiseptic properties of Carbolic acid
First suggested an NHS in 1942
Wrote the Sanitary Report
Developed 4 Humours into Theory of Opposites

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