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Forced Order
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They were nicknamed the 49er's
They were famers on the Great Plains
They became guides showing people how to cross the Plains safely
They moved to California in 1849
They met merchants at the Rendezvous
They were banned from Abilene in 1872
They participated in the Long Drives
1873 Timber Culture act gave them more land
They hunted Beaver
They received 'free' land in 1862 act
They lived mostly in the Rocky Mountains
They caused the most conflict with the Homesteaders
Joseph Glidden's barbed wire helped fence off their crops
They often married Indian women
They earned an average of $3 per day
Goodnight and Loving were two of them
They helped spread the word about California and Oregon
They started their time in Texas
Panning was one method they used
They came into most conflict with the Cattlemen

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