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6This Fairy-Type Pokemon Evolves when you trade it holding a Sachet.
1Pika! Pika!
5This Grass-Type Pokemon can oly be found in the Gen 5 games in White and White 2.
3This Pokemon is heart-shaped.
5This Stage 2 Water-Type Pokemon's signature move is Razor Shell
2This Electric-Type Pokemon has a Mega Evolution.
1The first Pokemon ever created.
3This Ground-Dragon Type has a Base Stat Total of 520.
2Brock had this Bug-Type Pokemon until it evolved into a Bug-Steel Type.
2The Stage 1 Fire Starter Evolution.
2Dawn owned this Normal-Type Pokemon until it evolved.
1This clam is only obtainable in 6th Gen in Pokemon Y.
5This Stage 1 Grass-Type Pokemon whips up Leaf Tornadoes.
5This Psychic-Type is only obtainable in Pokemon Black and Black 2.
6When this Fire and Normal-Type evolves, it can have 1 of 2 formes.
5Iris owns this Ground and Steel-Type Pokemon.
1This Pokemon evolves when traded holding an Up-Grade.
5James owned one of these Ghost-Type Pokemon
3This Bug-Type Pokemon can only be male.
4This Dark and Flying-Type Pokemon gets evolved into when you use a Dusk Stone.
1This Electric and Steel-Type Pokemon only evolves in certain places.
1This Pokemon has a Shellder's Tail.
5People say that this Pokemon brings victory to people.
5Jessie owned this Psychic and Flying-Type Pokemon.
2This baby Pokemon is shaped like a star.
5The Water-Type Stage 1 Elemental Monkey.
5This Fire-Type Pokemon can get a second forme when it evolves if it has the right ability.
1This Pokemon used Transform!
2This Grass and Flying-Type Pokemon has cotton on it.
2This Deer Pokemon is Unobtainable in X and Y and must be transferred using Pokemon Bank.

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