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3If hacked with Wonder Guard, this Pokemon is invincible in all games prior to 6th generation.
2This Pokemon has the highest base HP out of any Pokemon.
6Serena/Calem has this Psychic-Type Pokemon on his/her team if you battle him/her in Kiloude City.
3This Ghost-Type Pokemon evolves when you trade it holding an item.
5This Normal-Type is Alder's most famous Pokemon.
1After beating the White Treehollow, Benga gives you this Pokemon in its shiny form.
4This Rock and Steel-Type Pokemon is Canalave City Gym Leader Byron's main Pokemon.
2Berry Juice is made from this Pokemon.
1This is Team Rocket Boss Giovanni's main Pokemon.
5You get this when you evolve a Fighting-Type Pokemon at Level 50.
2This Dark And Fire-Type Pokemon gets a Mega Evolution when it evolves.
3This Water and Dark-Type Pokemon evolves into a Shark Pokemon
2This Eeveelution evolves only at daytime.
1This Basic Stage Monkey will punch other Pokemon.
1This Ghost-Type Pokemon evolves when you trade it.
1This Stage 1 Grass-Poison Type Pokemon doesn't feel that well.
5This Stage 2 Psychic-Type Pokemon has balloons.
3This Mushroom Pokemon becomes part Fighting-Type when it evolves.
2This Basic Water-Type Pokemon has a springy tail.
4This Venus Fly Trap Pokemon is owned by a member of Team Rocket.
2This Pokemon has 28 different forms.
6This Basic Pokemon's signature move is Trick-or-Treat.
3This Psychic-Fighting Pokemon has a Mega Evolution.
4This Stage 1 Ground-Type Pokemon makes lots of sandstorms.
3The biggest Pokemon of all.
1This clam Pokemon gets evolved into when you use a Water Stone on a certain Pokemon.
3This is the only dual type Pokemon that Mega Evolves into a single-type Pokemon.
5This Dark-Flying Type Pokemon wears diapers.
4Cherries! Cherries! Everywhere!
5This Basic Ghost-Ground Pokemon looks like a robot.

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