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Actus Reus Option I
Actus Reus Option 2
Legal Obligation I
Legal Obligation II
Legal Obligation III
Legal obligation IV
Legal Obligation I EXCEPTION 1
Legal Obligation I EXCEPTION 1 - EXCEPTION
Legal Obligation I EXCEPTION 2
Mens Rea I
Mens Rea II
Mens Rea III
Mens Rea 0
First-Degree Murder (Option I) requires:
P&D Pennsylvania Theory focuses on:
P&D California Theory Element I
P&D California Theory Element II
P&D California Theory Element III
First-Degree Murder (Option II)
Felony Murder Crime I
Felony Murder Crime II
Felony Murder Crime III
Felony Murder Crime IV
Felony Murder Crime V
Felony Murder Crime VI
Felony Murder Crime VII
Felony Murder Crime VIII
Second-Degree Murder (Option I)
Second-Degree Murder (Option II)
Second-Degree Murder (Option III)
Recklessness Definition
PLUS Definition
Second-Degree Murder (Option IV)
Felony-Murder Limitation I (Merger Doctrine)
Felony-Murder Limitation II (Proximate Cause)
Felony-Murder Limitation III (Agency Theory)
Felony-Murder Limitation IV (MPC View)
Voluntary Manslaughter (Option I)
Voluntary Manslaughter (Option II)
Voluntary Manslaughter (Option III)
Involuntary Manslaughter (Mens Rea Approach Option I)
Involuntary Manslaughter (Mens Rea Approach Option II)
Involuntary Manslaughter (Unlawful Act Doctrine)

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