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Which FRIENDS share a surname?
How many seasons are there?
Where do the FRIENDS hang out?
Which actor plays Joey?
How many times does Ross get married?
Who makes a quiz with a 'Lightning Round'?
What is the name of Rachel's cat?
Who's catchphrase is 'Oh My God'?
Who finds a thumb in their can of drink?
What does Ross do to get Ugly Naked Guy's appartment?
What is Joey's boat called?
Where is Rachel leaving for in the last episode?
Who sets up Mike and Phoebe?
What colour is Monica's appartment?
What are Monica's parents called?
What are Ross' parents called?
Who hates PBS?
Who is pregnant at Monica's wedding?
What is Chandler's full name?
Who does Rachel try to impress by dressing up in a cheerleaders outift?
What is Rachel's baby called?
What is Joey's penguin called?
Why does Ross lose his job?
Who does Rachel persuade to shave their head?
Who was involved with the jellyfish incident at the beach?
Who was the friend that had a heart attack in 'The one that could have been'?
Which 3 friends are the poorest?
How many sisters does Joey have?
Where does Mike first try to propose to Phoebe?
Which letter of the encyclopedia does Joey buy?
What is the first word of the opening titles?
What are Phoebe's triplets called?

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