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Can you name the FMA Brotherhood Characters?

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False Liore Priest
Greed's Human/Gecko Chimera
Ling Yao's Younger Bodyguard
Kimblee's Human/Toad Chimera
The Human Philosopher's Stone
Olivier Armstrong's Major
Greed's Human/Snake Chimera
The 17th Princess of Xing
Kimblee's Human/Hedgehog Chimera
The Silver Alchemist
The Crystal Alchemist
Maes Hughe's Wife
The First Homunculus
The Ultimate Spear
The 12th Prince of Xing
The Ultimate Eye
The Sewing Life Alchemist's Daughter
Riza Hawkeye's Pet
Ishvalan Monk
Fuhrer of Amestris
Roy Mustang's Master Sergeant
Greed's Human/Dog Chimera
Roy Mustang's Lieutenant
The Sewing Life Alchemist's Daughter's Pet Dog
Ling Yao's Older Bodyguard
The Ultimate Shield
The Fastest Homunculus
Roy Mustang's 2nd Lieutenant(He's terrified of dogs)
The Freezing Alchemist
The Sewing Life Alchemist
Alex Armstrong's Sergeant
The Flame Alchemist
Edward and Alphonse's Mother
May Chang's Pet
Edward's Automail Mechanic
Winry's Grandmother
The Iron Blood Alchemist
Winry's Mother
Edward Elric's Alchemy/Martial Arts Teacher's Husband
Edward Elric's Younger Brother(Suit of Armor)
Greed's Human/Crocodile Chimera
Kimblee's Human/Lion Chimera
Greed's Human/Ox Chimera
The Fullmetal Alchemist
Edward Elric's Alchemy/Martial Arts Teacher
Number #66
The Strong Arm Alchemist
First Lady
Roy Mustang's 2nd Lieutenant(He smokes)
Alex Armstrong's 2nd Lieutenant
The Crimson Alchemist
Kimblee's Human/Gorilla Chimera
Shape Shifting Homunculus
Winry's Father
The Northern Wall of Briggs(Major General)
Number #48
Winry Rockbells's Pet
Olivier Armstrong's Captain
Roy Mustang's Warrant Officer
Failed Portal of Truth Homunculus

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