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QUIZ: Can you name the Bones?

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collar BonesNear the shoulders
thoraxEating dinner
Heel boneTouches the back of the shoes
legHitting the ground with middle part of my leg
Hand Being funny
FingersThumb war
legRhymes with tibula
legThe hardest bone that you can posiibly braek
chestNear the pectoral area of the human body
ThroatThis under the mandible
HandsI broke my wrist and it damaged this bone
ArmI broke this bone when some one step on it
ArmI hurt this bone when I fell on the ground
Neck This is the upper part of the vertabrae
SpineBottom part of your vertebrae
MouthIt is connected to my teeth
HeadI scored a goal by heading it with the front part of my head
Head I hurt this section of my head when I ran into someone aulse in a gaem of football
HeadConnects to your ear
Head Behind the head
Vertabraeconnected to the spine
HipsConnects under the vertebrae
VertabraeThis is in the glutal region of the human body

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