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Can you pick the Destiny Exotic Weapons up to Rise of Iron?

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DescriptionExotic WeaponWeapon Type
'Let them feel every lash, every curse, every touch of malice that they first dealt to me.' - Eris MornScout Rifle
'I am a marvel with ten thousand arms.'Sidearm
'My mother had a shotgun we called the Chaperone. Kept us alive out there, before we got to the City.'Shotgun
Eternity is very close. Can you feel yourself slipping?Auto Rifle
An ancient instrument of war, renewed and enhanced by Light, not unlike you.Auto Rifle
'They rest quiet on fields afar... this is for no ending, but the eye.'Machine Gun
You cannot shake the feeling that this is less a weapon than a doorway.Fusion Rifle
Fight your way!Scout Rifle
This weapon is full of it.Machine Gun
Nostalgia as a weapon of war. Style as a hallmark of victory.Auto Rifle
Good fighters have contingency plans. Great fighters don't need them.Fusion Rifle
'To the first of new Iron Lords.' - Lord SaladinSword
'I tried to talk them down. They made a grab for my Ghost. After that it was a short conversation.' - Ikora ReyShotgun
There will always be paths to tread and methods to try. Roll with it.Auto Rifle
'If you believe your weapon wants to end all existence, then so it will.' - Toland, the ShatteredPulse Rifle
What is the answer when the question is extinction?Machine Gun
A single word is etched onto the inside of the weapon's casing: 'Soon.'Pulse Rifle
To the untrained eye, this beast is a junker. To the trained eye, this junker... is a beast.'Shotgun
Subroutine IKELOS: Status=completeFusion Rifle
By this right alone I do rule.Shotgun
'Vanguard policy urges Guardians to destroy this weapon on sight.'Auto Rifle
Select application: Ballistic engagement. Entrenching tool. Avionics trawl. Troll smasher. Stellar sextant. List continues.Scout Rifle
'I've done the math. When you pull this trigger, one plus one equals zero. Every time.' - Shiro-4Pulse Rifle
'If you've got it, they'll never see you coming.'Sniper Rifle
'You are not welcome.' - Unknown 'I beg to differ.' - Shiro-4Sidearm
DescriptionExotic WeaponWeapon Type
Release the storm. Hold nothing back.Scout Rifle
Don't play your hand unless you're sure you have that ace in the hole.Hand Cannon
Please replace these components if use causes fatal damage. HEAT SINK. MAGAZINE. OPERATOR.Sniper Rifle
'Yours... not mine.' - Renegade Hunter Shin Malphur to Dredgen YorHand Cannon
Your only existence shall be that which I weave for you out of sorrow and woe.'Sniper Rifle
Wait for enemy to make mistake. Die. Stand by for Ghost Resurrection. Repeat as necessary. Auto Rifle
Stalk thy prey and let loose thy talons upon the Darkness.Hand Cannon
' where you seek it.' - LomarRocket Launcher
'If there is beauty in destruction, why not also in it's delivery?' - Feizel CruxRocket Launcher
“What kind of harebrained scheme have you got in mind this time?”Scout Rifle
With your own hands you forged the mighty Raze-Lighter. Now take it in hand and feed its flames.Sword
'... is when death becomes an afterthought.'Hand Cannon
'Huddled at a mountain's base, we had no choice but to beat our phoughshores into swords once more.'Sniper Rifle
...a causal loop within the weapon's mechanism, suggesting that the firing process somehow binds space and time into...Fusion Rifle
Despite the Breaker's treachery, Her Majesty still stands.Fusion Rifle
An upcycled torrent of righteous thunder.Auto Rifle
With your own hands you forged the mighty Bolt-Caster. Now take it in hand and unleash its thunder.Sword
Ionized polymer synballistic attack platform. The system's lethality is dynamically robust across tactical spaces.Auto Rifle
Every hit blazes the path to our reclamation.Sniper Rifle
'To rend one's enemies is to see them not as equals, but objects—hollow of spirit and meaning.' - 13th Understanding, 7th Book of Sorrow.Hand Cannon
It's not a holdout weapon, it's a pathfinder.Shotgun
Vestiges of the Queen's Harbingers yet linger among Saturn's moons.Fusion Rifle
With your own hands you forged the mighty Dark-Drinker. Now take it in hand and slake its thirst.Sword
Complete awareness, complete focus.Sniper Rifle
Burn the world. Burn it all.Rocket Launcher

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