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We killed each other...we were close.
I enjoyed tasting Joyce.
I like bug sandwhiches for lunch.
I need to harvest a brain and a heart.
I've been set free onto the internet...I'd watch out if I were you!
I've had four wives since 1957...I'd like Joyce to be my next.
Cherry pie is my favourite.
I'm actually a little league coach.
I am the only thing that 'Jonathan' is afraid of.
I'm super gorgeous, and super fashionable...oh and I'll kill you.
I turned a group of students into hyenas.
I don't believe in being caged up.
I killed my teacher in 1955, and relive it through other people over and over.
We've been released into the world and now we want revenge!
I will ruin the prom!
I am creating my own frakenstein.
Kill us all you want....more will come.
I just want to be a vampire.
I killed a guy...and I don't care!
You ignored me, now you must pay!
Golly, I sure am excited to feast on you students!
I just loved popping that guys eye out.
Lets see...we made her think she was crazy, we made her invisible, we made her repeat her day over and over...the list goes on. We're super cool.
We're not technically evil...we just don't want to fight demons.
This is what happens when you make me cranky.
Evil? Really?...I'm more of a trickster.
I'm like a drug dealer...only for magic.
I'm like a drug addict...only for magic.
I was jelous of my daughters youth.
I'm insane, and WILL come after your mother.
I beat Buffy to a pulp on my first night out!
I may be a vampire...but I'm a snappy dresser!
I'm tall, dark and mysterious.
Buffy coulnd't defeat us on her own.
Whatever...can I kill you now? That outfit is embarrassing!
I'm bad to the bone...the big bad...
I'm sick and twisted, and will torture your puppy.
I see visions. And dance around the room.
I killed Faiths I'm after her.
I have a special gun that will split you in two parts.
I enjoy a good sing-song
I'm Xander...or am I?
I just want to be a normal girl who can go to college!
No weapon forged can kill me!
We'll attack anyone in formal wear!
Skin, yum yum!
We need to take seven and we might take yours.
Don't stand on me, fear me!
I'm bad news for Mr Rupert Giles, and his dark past.
I mean well, really I do...but vengence is so fun!
I lurk on childrens ward at the hospital!
You better not owe me any kittens!
I want my amulet!
Wronged women come to me.
I'm a big your friends are excited.
It is because of me that any of these creatures are here!
We can't see the knife...but we feel the knife.
I killed my Mommy...but brought her back.

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