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Flags meaningCountryContinent
St George's cross on top of St Patrick's cross on top of St Andrew's cross.Europe
Green, white and red with a coat of arms that depicts that their people guided by Huitzilopochtli to seek a place where an eagle landed on a prickly-pear cactus, eating a snakeNorth America
Black for majority, red for bloodshed, green for land, white for peace and a Maasai shield.Africa
Green with a yellow rhombus with the constellations in the Southern Hemosphere. Order and progress.South America
Saffron for indifference to material gains, white for the path of truth, green for plant life. An Ashoka Wheel in the middle is the law of Dharma.Asia
Red for a rhododendron, blue for peace, a sun and a crescent moon. Their flag is in the shape of two pennantsAsia
Blue for the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea with five stars representing the former Federal Republic of Central America.North America
Black for Africa, yellow for sunshine and red for brotherhood. The crane in the middle was the badge when under British rule.Africa
A Scandinavian cross with blue for lakes and white for the snows of winter.Europe
Alternating red and white stripes representing the 13 colonies. 50 white stars represents statesNorth America
Flags meaningCountryContinent
Nine stripes, of blue and white, for the nine syllables of their patriots' motto and a 'simple cross.'Europe
Red for positive force of the yin, blue for a negative force of the yang, white for peace with Kun for Heaven, Yi for fire, Kam for water and Kon for Earth.Asia
Red for the bravery of their soldiers, yellow for mineral wealth and green for fertility of land with a coat of arms in the middle.South America
Red, Green and black with a yellow Y to represent the light of the gospel.Oceania
Orange for the Sahara, green for grassy plains and the river that supports it and white for the Savannah region of the country. The orange disc in the middle represents the Sun.Africa
Red, white and blue similar to Russia's but with a coat of arms showing the Triglav Mountains and the three stars from the crest of the family of Counts of Celje.Europe
Blue flag with A Union Jack, the seven sided Star of Federation (one point for each state) and a constellation seen from every state and territory.Oceania
Blue surrounding the flag for royalty, red for the nation, white for religion (Brahmanism and then Buddhism) with Angkor Wat in the middle.Asia
Blue for St Martin, white for the Virgin Mary and red for St Denis. Europe
Green as a symbol of devotion to Islam.Africa

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