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The 3rd President of the USAThe 1st President of the CSA
Commanded the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia in the Civil War.Charged with the assassination of John F. Kennedy
Abolitionist who led the raid at Harpers Ferry in 1859Landmark decision of the Supreme Court that overturned Plessy v. Ferguson
State that the Saratoga campaign took place in during the Revolutionary WarSite of the surrender of General Cornwallis to Washington on October 19, 1781
Secretary of War for John Adams' administrationSecretary of State for Nixon/Ford administration
Site of Stonewall Jackson's spring 1862 campaign in VirginiaSite of the camp of the Continental Army during the winter of 1777–1778
The second African American to serve in the Supreme CourtAuthor of 'Common Sense' which argued for independence from British rule
The sinking of 'The Maine' led to thisThe White House was burned during this conflict
The last of the 13 colony to ratify the ConstitutionGeneral Chester Nimitz did this 'leapfrogging' on his campaign towards Japan
Publisher of Poor Richard's AlmanackThe 14th President of the USA
Vice president to William Howard TaftCommon name given to Gen. William Sherman's Savannah Campaign
1794 legislation that increased trade and averted war with England1783 legislation that formally ended the Revolutionary War with England
He led the Lakota and Northern Cheyenne tribes at Little Big HornThis battle is also known as Manassas
The national personification of the United StatesFormer Governor and President of Texas as well as General of the Texan Army at San Jacinto
Controversy involving Bill Clinton and real estate investmentsScandal involving Richard Nixon and break ins at DNC headquarters
New York landmark designed by Frédéric BartholdiPhiladelphia landmark that is cracked

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