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Can you name the Morganville vamp characters

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In Bite Club
Runs Blacke
Goth chick, marries (2)
Is (4) sort of friend
Kills (1)
Meets (1) in book 14, vamp
Is friends with (4)
Follows around (10)
Slacker, fall in love with (1)
Dad of (3)
Dad of (1)
The main character
Follows (28)
Takes over Morganville
Runs away from Morganville
Plays guitar, turns into a vamp
Mean girl, bullies (1)
Dies in a fire
Sister of (10)
Leave with (23)
Follows around (10)
Follows (28)
Owner of Common grounds
Hides camera's around Morganville
In Bite Club, runs the gym
Friends with (8)
Good friend of (5)
Is in book 14
Brother of (4)
Is friends with (4)
Bouncer at a pub
The founder of Morganville
Mum of (1)
Crazy vampire scientist, boss of (1)
Cheif of police
Killed by (9)
Moves in with (1) in book 14
Loved (7)
Is a nice vamp

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