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This is one honest guy
Nuke Em
Vivre la france
69 years ago he started one of the biggest wars in history
His country owned most of Europe for a time
This guy would rip your heart out
The beatles made a song with his nickname as the title
Wisest man to ever live
The liberal party of canada says he has a dragon in his garage
She made the golden age of england
Quite Bloody
He died of a nosebleed
His enemies called him the punishment of god
He was a TERRIBLE Russian
The teddy bear was named after him
This guy was not a crusader
He was in the watergate scandal
He was the prime minister of England during WW2
One of the only female kings in history
He was the best ruler Greece ever had
A pop singer has the same last name as his first name
He was once the general of the English armies before revolting against them

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