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Can you name the alphabetical people, places, or things with both 'B' and 'K' in their names?

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A - Disputed state on the coast of the Black Sea
B - German shoe company famous for being associated with hippies
C - Famed Maryland seafood staple
D - Home of Northern Illinois University and the birthplace of barbed wire
E - Your Kindle or Nook may be loaded with these
F - Offensive position in American football
G - To invent excuses or fake an inability; a worthless item dressed up to appear valuable
H - The official state fruit of Idaho or a famous cartoon Hound
I - Fit to be printed
J - Military footwear that has come to symbolize oppresive authority
K - To chatter amongst one another, jabber
L - Professional deforester or subject of a Monty Python tune
M - Portable Apple computer, 2006-2011 (Relaunched in 2015)
N - Author of Lolita
O - Dr. Seuss book title partner, with Bartholomew
P - Colorful international frozen yogurt chain
Q - Hockey Hall of Famer, played for the Bruins and Red Wings between 1944 and 1956
R - Fascinating, amazing; worthy of notice or comment
S - Reversal of fortune or a popular partnered card game
T - Alternative to or addition to a standard computer mouse
U - One of only two doubly-landlocked countries*
V - Star of televisions' Dawsons Creek
W - Watersport that combines techniques from skiing, snowboarding, and surfing
Y - Japanese fried noodle dish
Z - Sweet, twice-baked European bread treat

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